10xtalks and growing your business

Happy Wednesday and this weeks edition of the anti-hump-day newsletter.


Going to be travelling today but of course the beauty of technology is that you can schedule things ahead of time. It gives me pause to think I should really create the newsletter anytime…I tend to always do it on Wednesdays because that’s when it’s due.

My new favorite podcast: 10xtalks with Dan Sullivan and Joe Polish.

Now I’ve been following Joe Polish for quite some time and already faithfully listen to his I love marketing podcast he does with Dean Jackson. The one he does with Dan really goes a little deeper beyond marketing into what it takes to build a business. Dan is the founder of Strategic Coach which is based in Toronto, Chicago and London and is high end coaching for budding and successful entrepreneurs. He is serious about helping you get 10x results…of course the time frame varies to achieve that performance but listen, this guy knows his shit and…he delivers it so effortlessly and you just can’t help but take notes. Of course this is a problem when I’m in the car and now I even take a pen and small moleskin when I’m out for a walk down by the beach.

I featured many podcasts in the last issue of E2mag but I promise you would do well to include this one. Check it out right here.

Necker Island – Richard Branson : Certainly I would be one of many many entrepreneurs that holds Richard Branson in very high esteem and most consider him to be really the ultimate entrepreneur, adventurer and philanthropist. Now imagine back in the day, when he was building virgin records and chasing his future wife, he decided to buy an island. After a year he eventually got necker in the BVI’s for 120k. Actually Joe Polish has mastermind sessions on Necker with Richard and small groups but primarily the island is for friends and families and it looks like a stunning place to hang out. Now of course buying an island is no small feat and probably not in the cards for many of us…but if you’d like to get a glimpse of this, you can watch this 6 min video of Necker Island here.

#hashtags: So you are familiar with #hashtags which are a big part of the twitter experience. But did you know that Facebook and Vine recently announced their embrace of #hashtags. Kim Garst shows you here 5 reasons you might want use on Facebook.

And buffer has some great insight into #hashtags too. Here is what they have to say.

Facebook: Speaking of Facebook, last week I was on a webinar with Amy Porterfield and she was explaining how to go about running a Facebook marketing campaign that included very targeted ad’s. Now the momentum on this has been building and is a lot cheaper than PPC with Google adwords. Amy is really becoming know as one of the top experts regarding Facebook and if you haven’t been exposed to her I would recommend checking her site here.

hey in fact if you wanted to check out that webinar, I see another notable Michael Hyatt is having Amy present the same facebook marketing plan tonight…short notice but here’s the link to sign up if you’re so inclined.

Ok thanks for reading and enjoy the rest of your week.

Live your best life now!
Cheers, Brent