15 Captivating words you should be using in your Marketing


Headlines, sub-headlines, copy… these are all critical in your efforts to attract and communicate with your current and prospective customers. Certain words or phases have proven over much time/testing and results to be winners!

You need to be using these words in your marketing communications!

1. You: ┬áIt’s about the customer, you are speaking to them…You will, You can,

2. Because: give them a reason why, help them to take action

3. Free: everyone loves hearing free

4. Value: value implies that you are getting something that will be useful to you

5. Guaranteed: this is the ultimate way to minimize risk…everything to gain – nothing to lose

6. Easy: make it simple to decide, how easy to use, how easy to take the next step

7. Discover: something new or unknown…maybe give them an edge

8. Act now: a strong call to action motivating an immediate response

9. Never: can be used to point out a negative benefit…never lose your keys again

10. New: people are always on the lookout for new, the latest, cutting edge

11. Save: everyone loves to save…money, time, memories

12. Proven: folks like proof…it works, others have had success

13. Secret: there are secrets to getting what you want…secrets to success

14. Instant: instant access or gratification is far more desirable than waiting

15. How to: basically you are leading with your solution to get them to read more

Of course it’s possible to weave several of these words into a single communication…very effective. Make good use of those few seconds customers give you to capture their attention!