Anti-hump-day news

Wednesday already? Where the hell does the time go?

Well, Monday was wasted…the -30 with windchill was finally to much for my ’08 battery in my SUV so after much boosting got to the mechanic and almost 600 bucks later was back in business. Shit happens…keep moving.

here’s a few thoughts for the week.



Texting and driving – The other day I was with a friend in his car and we came across someone driving very eratically. Sure enough they were texting. We were pissed. That same day I got an email newsletter from Jill Konrath who’s a sales expert and she related a very personal story about her husband who was in a serious car accident about a year ago. A young women who was late for work and was actually texting her boss while driving; smashed into the back of him forcing his car onto a sidewalk where a man pushed his wife clear but he was killed. Tragedy. The women is in the process of being charged on a number of accounts.

I think a lot of adults, myself included, have been delinquent. It’s time to stop. And the message has to get through to young people. Just a shout out…do what you can to discourage it. Hopefully the laws will get tougher. Distracted driver cause of accidents now exceeds speeding and impaired driving…yikes!

In order to be found you have to be find-able – Austin Kleon is an author and speaker and is giving a keynote at the SXSW conference in the next few days. His latest book is Show your Work where he explores how people can use their resources, skills and connections to network in meaningful ways. Here’s his 10 principles for getting noticed

RTM Real Time Marketing – just for fun I have had my ipad out and somewhat followed the #hashtag conversations on Twitter for the recent Oscars and Grammy events. wow…it’s unbelievable the amount of people, tweets, companies, celebrities etc. now how to stand out and actually get seen is another issue. Here’s an article on a couple of strategies from some interesting brands.

Taking massive action – we all know we need to take action to get things done…easier said than done right? And massive action in the wrong areas may be wasted or ineffective action. Here’s some tips on taking smart action.

Chrome extentions – if you use Chrome as your browser there are some fantastic extensions. I love evernote and the web clipper, pocket and lastpass. I didn’t know bitly had one and have just added and am looking at the others. check it out

Visual content for social media – This is an exhaustive post (rabbit hole) but really worthwhile if you want to explore the exploding growth of using visuals in addition to text and links on your social media sites. Go forth.

Hey…have a great week.
Live your best life now!
Cheers, Brent