15 Captivating words you should be using in your Marketing


Headlines, sub-headlines, copy… these are all critical in your efforts to attract and communicate with your current and prospective customers. Certain words or phases have proven over much time/testing and results to be winners!

You need to be using these words in your marketing communications!

1. You:  It’s about the customer, you are speaking to them…You will, You can,

2. Because: give them a reason why, help them to take action

3. Free: everyone loves hearing free

4. Value: value implies that you are getting something that will be useful to you

5. Guaranteed: this is the ultimate way to minimize risk…everything to gain – nothing to lose

6. Easy: make it simple to decide, how easy to use, how easy to take the next step

7. Discover: something new or unknown…maybe give them an edge

8. Act now: a strong call to action motivating an immediate response

9. Never: can be used to point out a negative benefit…never lose your keys again

10. New: people are always on the lookout for new, the latest, cutting edge

11. Save: everyone loves to save…money, time, memories

12. Proven: folks like proof…it works, others have had success

13. Secret: there are secrets to getting what you want…secrets to success

14. Instant: instant access or gratification is far more desirable than waiting

15. How to: basically you are leading with your solution to get them to read more

Of course it’s possible to weave several of these words into a single communication…very effective. Make good use of those few seconds customers give you to capture their attention!











Canadian anti-spam law and more!


Well the Canadian anti-spam law is up and running. Are you ready for it?

I’m not sure how heavily they will try and enforce the 1 and 10 million dollar fines for non-compliance, but there certainly has been lots of companies trying to re-confirm my consent to various email lists.

I mean everyone knows you must ask for permission to send people emails. Having said that I am on a few peoples lists that I did not give permission. They got my business card at an event or from some other engagement and just assumed I wouldn’t mind. Generally I didn’t and if I did I just unsubscribed. Being a marketer myself, maybe I had a little more tolerance.

Anyway, I thought you might like this article from an American point of view. This is from Jeff John Roberts at Gigaom and I kind of enjoyed it. Check it out.

The Cost of continuously checking email:  I mean this is a huge issue for most of us and only the very dedicated and focused of people can avoid constantly checking email, twitter, Facebook etc. I have been trying to curb myself of it. I mean being a sales and marketing consultant and publishing a digital magazine on empowering entrepreneurs means I’m on a lot of lists and exposed to tremendous info. I could go down a rabbit hole everyday for hours.

But I read a recent article in the Harvard Business Review by Ron Friedman, and he has an interesting take on it and re-inforced a strong realization I experienced this week. I needed most of a day to put together a fairly encompassing marketing plan for a client and decided to be very focused so as not to let distractions throw me off.

I did a pretty good job and even kept lunch really short but couldn’t help but check in on email at that point. Now I didn’t spend a lot of time, but I found that it then took me some time to re-orient myself ( as Ron points out in his article ). I had been on a roll with my thoughts and assembling my notes from my planning process prior to lunch and then I had to ramp back up. That equaled a little more lost productivity time.

Something to think about…go hard and just get er done! The rest will wait, or at best just scan for really important stuff and only react if absolutely necessary. Read the article here.

New Keyword Tool: I love using Google’s keyword tool to see what and how many people are searching for various products or information. There’s another new tool out there that is free and does a much broader search on the variation of the search term you use. You can check the tool out here.

Hubspot: You may be familiar with Hubspot. If not, they are an inbound marketing company and have really good software. I don’t have experience with it and I know it’s fairly expensive…but it’s the Cadillac.

But here’s the deal…they give out great info and I recommend you sign up. Lots of great ebooks and templates…Take a look around here.

Type 2 Diabetes: I know a few people who have diabetes and had a little knowledge about it (but not much) until recently. I was shocked to learn that this sugar thing is more out of control than I imagined and they say that in the next 5 years one out of two people will have some form of it. Yikes.

I found one of those health experts Joy Bauer and I really like her site and had seen her on TV as well. I took a quiz to see what great foods are good for combat and was thrilled to get a list that includes things I love. Like, beans, oatmeal, fish and especially wild salmon, egg whites, avocado, almonds…and the best yet…decaf coffee which I have been drinking more of after having given up for many years.

here’s a link to the quiz … and here’s another for some great recipies.

Treating your body right always makes sense and the only way to do that is to educate yourself.



Bitcoin, Trends and Marketing Secrets Revealed

A Bitcoin wallet on a smartphone.


So Bitcoin has been around for awhile and I don’t know about you but I have found it very confusing. No one or any article has been able to let me see the value or even the future of it so basically I’ve just ignored it. But it’s hard to ignore things that have the potential to be disruptive and that can change a very established game.

I am subscribed to Peter Diamandis and his recent post really put things in perspective for me on this. I think you will find it interesting. Read the article here

Trend Hunter/Spotting : I wanted to point you to a site that I find fascinating for searching for trends and you can really go down a rabbit hole here so be careful how much time you spend on it. It has dozens of folks scouring the world for products, concepts, new services and basically every imaginable topic is there. Have at it at Trend Hunter

Marketing Secrets Revealed: I’m going to start making more PDF’s and ebooks available and start incorporating some of my sales and marketing content ( from my Razor Smart Marketing consulting business ) into this newsletter. For people that maybe haven’t subscribed to the magazine yet maybe some inticement for the newsletter is required. One of my first incentives will be the marketing secrets revealed. It’s all about:

  • the marketing message vs the medium
  • using innovation to create your USP
  • 3 things you should never say in your advertising ( and you already are )
  • problems to avoid with web design
  • the new SEO
  • how to use video

you can check it out here



more bitcoin

Bitcoin is moving from its Deceptive phase to a very Disruptive phase. This Blog is going to explain why, and what you may want to do.

I’ve been tracking Bitcoin since its inception, and my confidence has grown to the point where I’m now trading in a portion of my gold holdings for bitcoin, buying it and accepting bitcoin for the Abundance 360 Summit.

What exactly is bitcoin?

For starters, bitcoin is a digital currency. As of right now, one bitcoin is equivalent to about $600 USD. Bitcoin is divisible down to 8 decimal places, or 0.00000001 BTC. You can buy things with bitcoin, sell things for bitcoin, and exchange bitcoin for other currencies (and vice versa).

At its core, bitcoin is a smart currency, designed by very forward-thinking engineers. It eliminates the need for banks, gets rid of credit card fees, currency exchange fees, money transfer fees, and reduces the need for lawyers in transitions… all good things.

Most importantly, it is an “exponential currency” that will change the way we think about money. Much the same way email changed the way we thought of mail. (Can you remember life before email?)

If you’ve followed my work, or participated in my Abundance 360 Summit, you understand that I teach and track exponential technologies using my “6 D’s” approach, looking for “user interface moments.”

Bitcoin is following the 6Ds and is on a path to go from deceptive to disruptive over the next 1 – 3 years. Allow me to explain.

Why Bitcoin is following the 6 D’s

1. DIGITIZED: Bitcoin is digitized money — it is a global, purely digital currency. Every bitcoin is traded, earned, sold, exchanged and bought in cyberspace. For this reason, it is living on Moore’s law and hopping on the exponential curve.

2. DECEPTIVE: Bitcoin software was released to the public in 2009 and for the first few years has been growing in its deceptive phase. Few heard about it, few used it and accepted it. In addition, the currency has been hard to use; therefore, it hasn’t had its “User Interface Moment” (the key transition from deceptive to disruptive). More soon.

3. DISRUPTIVE: As described below by my friend Barry Silbert (founder of Second Market), Bitcoin is about to enter its disruptive phase where its rate of acceptance and use will explode, as will its value. See below.

4. DEMATERIALIZING: Bitcoin is eliminating or dematerializing the use of physical money (bills and coins), even credit cards. But more than that, it is also dematerializing (read: eliminating) the need for central banks, lawyers and currency exchanges.

5. DEMONETIZING: Bitcoin eliminates middlemen (banks, lawyers, exchanges) and demonetizes the cost of transactions. No fees. It makes it cheaper to use, spread and share money.

6. DEMOCRATIZING: Bitcoin makes access to capital available to everyone, where there are no banks, no ATMs and no credit card suppliers. Ultimately, as we move (over the next 6 years) to a world of 7 billion digitally connected humans, Bitcoin makes currency available to anyone with a connection to the internet.

Bitcoin’s Evolution – Why it will be Disruptive Soon

My friend Barry Silbert (founder of Second Market) recently spoke as my guest at Singularity University’s Exponential Finance conference about Bitcoin. He provided an excellent overview of its near-term trajectory, summarized below. His input has also put me on the lookout for the “User Interface Moment” – that moment in time when an entrepreneur designs a piece of interface software (think Marc Andreessen and Mosaic) that makes it so easy to use bitcoin.

I’ll be reporting on those user interfaces, investing in those startups and helping to promote them.

Okay, now back to Barry Silbert’s insights. Barry outlined five phases for this digital currency that help explain where it’s been and where it’s going.

Phase 1: The period 2009 to 2011 was the early ‘experimentation phase’ for bitcoin (i.e. deceptive). Here the software is released to public and most technologists and hackers started playing with the code. During this phase, there was no apparent value to currency yet; mining bitcoin was easy and could be done by a single person on a MacBook or PC.

Phase 2: 2011 marked the beginning of the ‘early adopter’ phase (still deceptive). There was a lot of early hype and press around Silk Road (where you could buy drugs). The value went from less than $1 to over $30, then crashed. This spurs the first generation of bitcoin companies to build basic infrastructure: wallets, merchant processors, mining operations, exchanges, etc. – i.e. the early user interfaces.

Phase 3: 2012 thru mid-2014 marked the beginning of the ‘Venture Capital Phase.’ Folks like Marc Andreessen, Google Ventures, Benchmark and others have begun investing in Generation 2 Bitcoin companies. We are right in the middle of Phase 3 right now. Thousands of bitcoin companies are getting funding. Many of these are trying to create the “User-Interface Moment.”

Phase 4: Fall 2014 thru 2015 will like see the start of the Wall Street Phase. Here we will begin to see institutional money acknowledging digital currencies as an asset class, and they will begin trading it, investing it and creating products around it. This marks the start of the disruptive phase.

Phase 5: Finally will come the ‘Mass Global Consumer Adoption’ phase — this is where bitcoin becomes a major player in the global economy. When consumers feel it is easy, safe and secure to use bitcoin. It won’t be possible until after the “User Interface Moment” materializes, but I believe, as does Barry, that this is only 1-2 years out.

So now what?

Learn, do, teach… Go experiment! Create a bitcoin wallet and buy some bitcoin. There is no better way to learn than by doing.

First, there are a few bitcoin exchanges where you can “buy” bitcoins with dollars (or other currencies). The most popular exchanges are:

  • Coinbase (www.coinbase.com)
  • Bitpay (www.bitpay.com)

Tools you just might like

web building


I was at an event last night called donate and learn. It was from 5-8:30 pm and was time well spent. It was a combination of some scheduled presentations, some networking and raising some funds for a great cause. About 600 people were there.

I was exposed to a new service (at least for me) and I had found a few other great tools to enhance communication and such so todays post is to highlight those. I’m not going to go into any great detail other than to point you to them. Check them out if you are interested.

Easypromosapp : So this was a presentation last night by Brian and this is a service which allows you to engage and get more likes and potential customers on Facebook. You can run contests, do surveys/quiz, issue coupons via QR codes and even run reward type programs. And really cost effective! Go here to see it.

Wishpond: This has some features similar to easypromosapp and I was just reviewing it the other day. They have the additional capability of doing email marketing too. You can check it out here.

Now here’s some cool things to help with your email engagement.

Rapportive: If you use Gmail then you can add rapportive to your browser and instantly see some of the details and social media profiles of the people you are communicating with. Here’s the link.

Getsignals: If you haven’t heard back from someone and wondered if they have read your email, now you can know. Get signals works with Gmail or Outlook and will let you know. Great for timing your follow up… go here

Wisestamp: This is an expanded signiture that you can use with your emails. You can include a photo, all your deets and even your social media links, website etc. It’s all nice and neat. Try it out here.

That’s a wrap for today…hope you’re having a good one on anti-hump-day, make it a great week and enjoy living your best life now!

Cheers, Brent

Think and Grow Rich…and my mind map!

think and grow rich


The June issue of E2mag of course is live and because it was the mastermind issue I hauled out my Think and Grow Rich book by Napoleon Hill to reference and utilize a few quotes.

Now I pretty much just looked at chapter 10 on masterminds and then put the book aside as I was busy finalizing the publication. But since the book was out I decided to to skim through it again over lunch. It’s the type of book you can go back to over and over again because all the lessons are so good.

When I read a book in my hand or electronically I am a ferocious highlighter of things that resonate with me. This actual book is quite dog eared.

I thought so many of these highlights are worth noting and I’d like an easier way to reference them. So I thought I would make a mindmap. I downloaded ithoughts the other day to my ipad…the app is like 2.99  It’s really easy to work with and I haven’t got it completely figured out but enough to create a map. Here’s what it looks like:

think and grow rich


This is actually a PGN image. you can also save it as a word doc, a PDF and all sorts of other formats…I opened it in ibooks…I’m just thrilled to have discovered this.

There are so many applications for this in my consulting business where I can create the mindmap as a discussion point vs creating a powerpoint, or drop it into a powerpoint or keynote. Ya I probably could have changed the colors but it was really just an exercise and I’m just learning. Another lesson I’ve been learning…just do it …80% is better than 100% never done!!!! it doesn’t have to be perfect.

Check out the content of the mind map…I love this book…and if you haven’t already you might want to give mindmapping a try.

Cheers, Brent


Gratitude – what a gift, are you seeing the benefits?


This is a photo I took from my deck the other morning. It’s so cool that I have figured out how to make my own picture quotes. You can do it in powerpoint or keynote easily.

Happy Thursday! I know, I missed my post yesterday. No excuses but it was a different day that I spent more on reflection and remembering a good friend of mine who passed away last week. His funeral and then celebration was yesterday.

Dougie passed suddenly last week while playing volleyball. Obviously it was a shock. Only days before we had played, BBQ’d and thrown sticks in the water for his black lab Romeo.

It’s a tremendous loss for his family, friends and all who met him. There were 100’s at the church yesterday…this was a man that was truly loved. And certainly a huge reason for that was his positive attitude, the way he treated people and the way you felt good when you were around him. It was a wonderful service and then a celebration of his life was held after at the balmy beach club overlooking the lake and volleyball courts where he loved to be. Our mutual friend Brett had some great words and insight into Dougie for the guests at the Balmy and those who spoke at the church were very good too.

I felt sadness yesterday but also gratitude for having known Dougie. It reminds you to make sure you express your gratitude to the people you know and love.

On that note, for this post I thought I would pen the article I just wrote on gratitude and if you are a subscriber to E2mag you will see it in the June issue in just a few days.

Gratitude – I think it’s something a lot of us might take for granted.

I’m sure most of us consider ourselves to be grateful and try to express gratitude. Certainly by recognizing, acknowledging and saying thank you to people, we can make everyone’s life more enjoyable.

I’ll never forget the training video I saw at a company conference of about 1200 people. It was in a retail setting and it was about customer service. A customer was approaching the cashier with her basket of goods and you could see the cashier was not in a great mood. The customer put the merchandise up and the cashier went about her business ringing in the sale without so much as eye contact, smile, or even a greeting. The transaction was then completed. Still no word from the cashier. As the customer left she said to the cashier – don’t I get a thank you? The cashier deadpanned her and said “ It’s on your receipt!”

Ha…you can imagine the gasp from the audience. You’ve got to be kidding. No, not really. Happens everyday. Maybe not that exact example, but you get the picture.

So that was an external gratitude illustration. What about the internal? This is where it gets interesting. Your internal sense of things you are grateful for. These can be applied to the past, present and future and have a HUGE effect on your happiness quotient.

There’s lots of experts out there on this subject and believe me I’m not one. But because of my yoga, and meditation and maybe just being more aware, I have actually made it a point to think more about gratitude and have created a journal for it. I like keeping journals, making lists, mindmaps etc, so this wasn’t a stretch. It forces you to spend some time thinking, and by writing it down I find it resonates.

Listen, a quick google search will produce a laundry list of the benefits…happier, sleep better, build better relationships, be more positive and optimistic, less envious, have better energy, deal with adversity and so on.

Hey there’s cool app out there developed by The Strategic Coach and it’s called Win Streak It’s for recording your wins each day and even predicting the ones for the next day as well. Recognizing your accomplishments is another great way to keep positive.

Here’s to your happiness!

Cheers, and live your best life now,


Super Success and Trifecta for Rapid Biz growth


Happy anti-hump-day!

So we are late May and in North America right in-between Canadians just coming off our Victoria Day long weekend…and our American friends are gearing up for their Memorial day weekend! Not sure what holidays are happening around the rest of the world but it’s surely supposed to be the start of summer for a lot of us.

Ha, I’ve got my fireplace on…WTF? Well it’s off now but the heat is turned off and it was cool last night and needed to warm the joint up…actually supposed to be 21C or 72F today but it’s just been a strange year for weather.

Todays post is going to be a brief review of 2 webinars I was on yesterday. Late afternoon I was with Darren Hardy who is the publisher of Success Magazine and then later in the evening it was Joe Polish from his Genius Network. Here’s the highlights!

Super Success – Darren Hardy

As with most webinars, I know there is a sales pitch coming at the end. That’s ok…sometimes I even invest if it’s something I’m interested in. But the main thing is these days, if you know the right people who are presenting, you can get a ton of value.

Darren Hardy has interviewed for his magazine the best of the best when it comes to entrepreneurs who have really had success and they all have some of the same characteristics that help get them results in business and in life. So I thought this would be cool and it was. So Darren had audio clips of all the usual suspects like Richard Branson, Warren Buffet, The Donald, Gates, Dr Oz, TonyRobbins, Michael Jordon, Tiger Woods and so on.

Here are the 6 ways you can also achieve super success.

1. Think Big – it’s just as easy to think big, act big and be big as it is to think small…really

2. People – that’s your differentiator…picking the right partners, building a team around your deficits, maximizing your strengths and multiplying success.

3. Hardwork – there’s no real substitute for it and Gary Player said it best…the harder I work the luckier I get.

4. Focus – avoiding distraction, saying no and having lazer focus on the best way to spend your time and generate results.

5. Failure – it happens…learn from it, accept risk, see adversity as a challenge and start again or change course.

6. Growth – there is always room to improve, forget complacency, invest in yourself and maximize your talent.

Darren went on to say that he thought the number one threat to peoples future today was distraction. Apparently there’s even a new word for it: Digiphenia – digitally induced overwhelm. We must all learn how to control our attention.

So it’s really all about insane focus…are you up for it?

genius network


Trifecta for Rapid Business Growth – Joe Polish

Well Joe was doing a pitch for his Genius Network event which is coming up in August in California. It’s all about networking with multimillionaires who have all been successful but are looking to take their business and lifestyle to another level.

It’s no small ticket…the price to the event is 10k and then you have your airfare, hotel (500 night) and food etc…so it’s obviously an investment. Many of the folks attending and presenting are in the Genius Network and that investment is 25k. You might notice that I am not using the word costs when referirng to amounts of money to participate. If you thought about it that way you’d never spend the money.

Joe guarantees that you will get a minimum of 250k of value and ideas or he will refund you the fee. Here is the basis of his pitch – he says there are 3 things you must have to create rapid growth.

1. Successful Network Diversity – you need to surround yourself with like-minded people but with different experiences,capabilities and from different industries. It’s the ultimate mastermind and if you want to see who’s in the genius network go here.

2. Absolutely killer Auto-pilot marketing – you must be able to have a conversation, educate your customers and prospects and engage them with a system that is always on!

3. You need clever tactics to can and clone yourself – This is how you spread your message…you can’t do it alone and you have to incorporate the multiplier effect.

Part of the two-day event there are 20 x 10 minute presentations from group members and they just talk about a strategy/tactic that generates the 250k or more for them. I’ve watched a few of these from past events…it’s pretty amazing. I plan on going…soooon!

Have a great week and Live your Best Life now!

Cheers, Brent


Bold Action Drives Success and other musings



Hey…it’s anti-hump-day. Hope you are having a good one!

Chris Brogan: Chris is an awesome fellow and quite a smart businessman. I signed up for his newsletter and it’s always got great info. His main goal is also to help people develop their business and themselves and he’s very transparent about how he goes about building his own. Here’s a post on how bold action drives success.

How Facebook is making us miserable: Now I shouldn’t be even thinking this because I am a marketing consultant, FB ad’s are just the hottest thing going right about now and I was thinking this might be about how people are finding it a bit overwhelming. I know I am…well especially the re-targeting. Like whenever I do a little research about a company they start following me around and for sure on FB. Anyway the article is deeper than that and also gave me pause for thought about how many people could be effected by seeing so many success stories of friends and making constant comparisons with their own lives. Check it out here

Social Photo’s generate more engagement: Well it just continues to be more clear that photo’s are generating more engagement. And, in case your wondering…ENGAGEMENT IS the new SEO. Here’s some proof.

Tips on getting started with Instagram: Ok…so to follow that post up I wanted to dig a little deeper into Instagram. I don’t use it. If I want to post a photo I take it and post it to FB or whatever. But I know lots of people use Instagram and it is pretty cool. It has great sharing capabilities and you can also post 15 sec vids. So, if you are not using take a quick look here for some info.

So that’s it for now…hope you crush it the rest of the week…and to my fellow Canadians have yourself a great holiday weekend!

Cheers, and live your best life now!


it’s all about teamwork and the right customers

Well it’s anti-hump-day and it’s warmed up to the point where I am not compelled to wear my socks and that is sooooooo awesome and signals that summer is on the way.


Had the first BBQ in a long time…love that too. What’s turning your crank this week?


I guess it’s because we are in the middle of the playoffs for both hockey and basketball that I have recently been thinking about how teamwork is so important in both sports and business. And of course sports is big big business!

I watched this past Sunday the Toronto Raptors lose in the last seconds, in game 7 to Brooklin. This was their exit from the first round of the playoffs. I wasn’t happy but it wasn’t nearly as disappointing as the Leafs collaspse in game 7 last year in the first round of the playoffs. OR…their complete self-destruction in the last month of this years regular season to miss the playoffs all-together.

Now here’s the big difference – the Raptors played like a team. They worked together, they cared…about the team, about each other, about the fans, about the city, about their coach and management. They are on a good path. Players stepped up!

The Leafs are a disaster…there is no T in team…they are disjointed, they lack leadership, they are spoiled, they look for scapegoats, coaching has been lacking and they don’t care enough about each other or the fans and they take the city for granted. It bloody sucks and I for one am pissed off about it. If the Leafs were in a small market without the big corporate bucks and just regular fans vs the die-hards here…they’d be toast.

Wow…if you are an entrepreneur it’s a great lesson. Regardless if you are big or small you need teamwork to survive and thrive in business. Of course that extends to your staff, partners, suppliers and most of all your relationship with your customers.

Take some time to evaluate if there are areas you can improve on to keep the team rocking in your business.

Do you have the right customers?

Well you have heard me talk about I Love Marketing before. I just listened to Joe Polish and Dean Jackson interview Richard Tripp. Richard has his own company called POV Method and used it to basically turn Infusionsoft not only around in the last few years but they have become a software powerhouse.

Richard has an interesting philosophy that I think more business owners should embrace sometimes. The customer is not always right. Some can be a right pain in the ass, use up all your resources and take time away from your supportive customers, your cheerleaders, the ones you want to work harder and smarter for and they will give you more money than what it costs you to put up with those pain in the butts.

It’s about an hour long and it’s not a new concept but I’m not sure companies are really applying it because it’s always tempting to keep business knowing how difficult it can be to get in the first place. have a listen here

So that’s it for this week. Short and sweet.

Have a good one and Live Your Best Life Now!

Cheers, Brent