Bold Action Drives Success and other musings



Hey…it’s anti-hump-day. Hope you are having a good one!

Chris Brogan: Chris is an awesome fellow and quite a smart businessman. I signed up for his newsletter and it’s always got great info. His main goal is also to help people develop their business and themselves and he’s very transparent about how he goes about building his own. Here’s a post on how bold action drives success.

How Facebook is making us miserable: Now I shouldn’t be even thinking this because I am a marketing consultant, FB ad’s are just the hottest thing going right about now and I was thinking this might be about how people are finding it a bit overwhelming. I know I am…well especially the re-targeting. Like whenever I do a little research about a company they start following me around and for sure on FB. Anyway the article is deeper than that and also gave me pause for thought about how many people could be effected by seeing so many success stories of friends and making constant comparisons with their own lives. Check it out here

Social Photo’s generate more engagement: Well it just continues to be more clear that photo’s are generating more engagement. And, in case your wondering…ENGAGEMENT IS the new SEO. Here’s some proof.

Tips on getting started with Instagram: Ok…so to follow that post up I wanted to dig a little deeper into Instagram. I don’t use it. If I want to post a photo I take it and post it to FB or whatever. But I know lots of people use Instagram and it is pretty cool. It has great sharing capabilities and you can also post 15 sec vids. So, if you are not using take a quick look here for some info.

So that’s it for now…hope you crush it the rest of the week…and to my fellow Canadians have yourself a great holiday weekend!

Cheers, and live your best life now!