Canadian anti-spam law and more!


Well the Canadian anti-spam law is up and running. Are you ready for it?

I’m not sure how heavily they will try and enforce the 1 and 10 million dollar fines for non-compliance, but there certainly has been lots of companies trying to re-confirm my consent to various email lists.

I mean everyone knows you must ask for permission to send people emails. Having said that I am on a few peoples lists that I did not give permission. They got my business card at an event or from some other engagement and just assumed I wouldn’t mind. Generally I didn’t and if I did I just unsubscribed. Being a marketer myself, maybe I had a little more tolerance.

Anyway, I thought you might like this article from an American point of view. This is from Jeff John Roberts at Gigaom and I kind of enjoyed it. Check it out.

The Cost of continuously checking email:  I mean this is a huge issue for most of us and only the very dedicated and focused of people can avoid constantly checking email, twitter, Facebook etc. I have been trying to curb myself of it. I mean being a sales and marketing consultant and publishing a digital magazine on empowering entrepreneurs means I’m on a lot of lists and exposed to tremendous info. I could go down a rabbit hole everyday for hours.

But I read a recent article in the Harvard Business Review by Ron Friedman, and he has an interesting take on it and re-inforced a strong realization I experienced this week. I needed most of a day to put together a fairly encompassing marketing plan for a client and decided to be very focused so as not to let distractions throw me off.

I did a pretty good job and even kept lunch really short but couldn’t help but check in on email at that point. Now I didn’t spend a lot of time, but I found that it then took me some time to re-orient myself ( as Ron points out in his article ). I had been on a roll with my thoughts and assembling my notes from my planning process prior to lunch and then I had to ramp back up. That equaled a little more lost productivity time.

Something to think about…go hard and just get er done! The rest will wait, or at best just scan for really important stuff and only react if absolutely necessary. Read the article here.

New Keyword Tool: I love using Google’s keyword tool to see what and how many people are searching for various products or information. There’s another new tool out there that is free and does a much broader search on the variation of the search term you use. You can check the tool out here.

Hubspot: You may be familiar with Hubspot. If not, they are an inbound marketing company and have really good software. I don’t have experience with it and I know it’s fairly expensive…but it’s the Cadillac.

But here’s the deal…they give out great info and I recommend you sign up. Lots of great ebooks and templates…Take a look around here.

Type 2 Diabetes: I know a few people who have diabetes and had a little knowledge about it (but not much) until recently. I was shocked to learn that this sugar thing is more out of control than I imagined and they say that in the next 5 years one out of two people will have some form of it. Yikes.

I found one of those health experts Joy Bauer and I really like her site and had seen her on TV as well. I took a quiz to see what great foods are good for combat and was thrilled to get a list that includes things I love. Like, beans, oatmeal, fish and especially wild salmon, egg whites, avocado, almonds…and the best yet…decaf coffee which I have been drinking more of after having given up for many years.

here’s a link to the quiz … and here’s another for some great recipies.

Treating your body right always makes sense and the only way to do that is to educate yourself.