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Super Success and Trifecta for Rapid Biz growth


Happy anti-hump-day!

So we are late May and in North America right in-between Canadians just coming off our Victoria Day long weekend…and our American friends are gearing up for their Memorial day weekend! Not sure what holidays are happening around the rest of the world but it’s surely supposed to be the start of summer for a lot of us.

Ha, I’ve got my fireplace on…WTF? Well it’s off now but the heat is turned off and it was cool last night and needed to warm the joint up…actually supposed to be 21C or 72F today but it’s just been a strange year for weather.

Todays post is going to be a brief review of 2 webinars I was on yesterday. Late afternoon I was with Darren Hardy who is the publisher of Success Magazine and then later in the evening it was Joe Polish from his Genius Network. Here’s the highlights!

Super Success – Darren Hardy

As with most webinars, I know there is a sales pitch coming at the end. That’s ok…sometimes I even invest if it’s something I’m interested in. But the main thing is these days, if you know the right people who are presenting, you can get a ton of value.

Darren Hardy has interviewed for his magazine the best of the best when it comes to entrepreneurs who have really had success and they all have some of the same characteristics that help get them results in business and in life. So I thought this would be cool and it was. So Darren had audio clips of all the usual suspects like Richard Branson, Warren Buffet, The Donald, Gates, Dr Oz, TonyRobbins, Michael Jordon, Tiger Woods and so on.

Here are the 6 ways you can also achieve super success.

1. Think Big – it’s just as easy to think big, act big and be big as it is to think small…really

2. People – that’s your differentiator…picking the right partners, building a team around your deficits, maximizing your strengths and multiplying success.

3. Hardwork – there’s no real substitute for it and Gary Player said it best…the harder I work the luckier I get.

4. Focus – avoiding distraction, saying no and having lazer focus on the best way to spend your time and generate results.

5. Failure – it happens…learn from it, accept risk, see adversity as a challenge and start again or change course.

6. Growth – there is always room to improve, forget complacency, invest in yourself and maximize your talent.

Darren went on to say that he thought the number one threat to peoples future today was distraction. Apparently there’s even a new word for it: Digiphenia – digitally induced overwhelm. We must all learn how to control our attention.

So it’s really all about insane focus…are you up for it?

genius network


Trifecta for Rapid Business Growth – Joe Polish

Well Joe was doing a pitch for his Genius Network event which is coming up in August in California. It’s all about networking with multimillionaires who have all been successful but are looking to take their business and lifestyle to another level.

It’s no small ticket…the price to the event is 10k and then you have your airfare, hotel (500 night) and food etc…so it’s obviously an investment. Many of the folks attending and presenting are in the Genius Network and that investment is 25k. You might notice that I am not using the word costs when referirng to amounts of money to participate. If you thought about it that way you’d never spend the money.

Joe guarantees that you will get a minimum of 250k of value and ideas or he will refund you the fee. Here is the basis of his pitch – he says there are 3 things you must have to create rapid growth.

1. Successful Network Diversity – you need to surround yourself with like-minded people but with different experiences,capabilities and from different industries. It’s the ultimate mastermind and if you want to see who’s in the genius network go here.

2. Absolutely killer Auto-pilot marketing – you must be able to have a conversation, educate your customers and prospects and engage them with a system that is always on!

3. You need clever tactics to can and clone yourself – This is how you spread your message…you can’t do it alone and you have to incorporate the multiplier effect.

Part of the two-day event there are 20 x 10 minute presentations from group members and they just talk about a strategy/tactic that generates the 250k or more for them. I’ve watched a few of these from past events…it’s pretty amazing. I plan on going…soooon!

Have a great week and Live your Best Life now!

Cheers, Brent


it’s all about teamwork and the right customers

Well it’s anti-hump-day and it’s warmed up to the point where I am not compelled to wear my socks and that is sooooooo awesome and signals that summer is on the way.


Had the first BBQ in a long time…love that too. What’s turning your crank this week?


I guess it’s because we are in the middle of the playoffs for both hockey and basketball that I have recently been thinking about how teamwork is so important in both sports and business. And of course sports is big big business!

I watched this past Sunday the Toronto Raptors lose in the last seconds, in game 7 to Brooklin. This was their exit from the first round of the playoffs. I wasn’t happy but it wasn’t nearly as disappointing as the Leafs collaspse in game 7 last year in the first round of the playoffs. OR…their complete self-destruction in the last month of this years regular season to miss the playoffs all-together.

Now here’s the big difference – the Raptors played like a team. They worked together, they cared…about the team, about each other, about the fans, about the city, about their coach and management. They are on a good path. Players stepped up!

The Leafs are a disaster…there is no T in team…they are disjointed, they lack leadership, they are spoiled, they look for scapegoats, coaching has been lacking and they don’t care enough about each other or the fans and they take the city for granted. It bloody sucks and I for one am pissed off about it. If the Leafs were in a small market without the big corporate bucks and just regular fans vs the die-hards here…they’d be toast.

Wow…if you are an entrepreneur it’s a great lesson. Regardless if you are big or small you need teamwork to survive and thrive in business. Of course that extends to your staff, partners, suppliers and most of all your relationship with your customers.

Take some time to evaluate if there are areas you can improve on to keep the team rocking in your business.

Do you have the right customers?

Well you have heard me talk about I Love Marketing before. I just listened to Joe Polish and Dean Jackson interview Richard Tripp. Richard has his own company called POV Method and used it to basically turn Infusionsoft not only around in the last few years but they have become a software powerhouse.

Richard has an interesting philosophy that I think more business owners should embrace sometimes. The customer is not always right. Some can be a right pain in the ass, use up all your resources and take time away from your supportive customers, your cheerleaders, the ones you want to work harder and smarter for and they will give you more money than what it costs you to put up with those pain in the butts.

It’s about an hour long and it’s not a new concept but I’m not sure companies are really applying it because it’s always tempting to keep business knowing how difficult it can be to get in the first place. have a listen here

So that’s it for this week. Short and sweet.

Have a good one and Live Your Best Life Now!

Cheers, Brent

10xtalks and growing your business

Happy Wednesday and this weeks edition of the anti-hump-day newsletter.


Going to be travelling today but of course the beauty of technology is that you can schedule things ahead of time. It gives me pause to think I should really create the newsletter anytime…I tend to always do it on Wednesdays because that’s when it’s due.

My new favorite podcast: 10xtalks with Dan Sullivan and Joe Polish.

Now I’ve been following Joe Polish for quite some time and already faithfully listen to his I love marketing podcast he does with Dean Jackson. The one he does with Dan really goes a little deeper beyond marketing into what it takes to build a business. Dan is the founder of Strategic Coach which is based in Toronto, Chicago and London and is high end coaching for budding and successful entrepreneurs. He is serious about helping you get 10x results…of course the time frame varies to achieve that performance but listen, this guy knows his shit and…he delivers it so effortlessly and you just can’t help but take notes. Of course this is a problem when I’m in the car and now I even take a pen and small moleskin when I’m out for a walk down by the beach.

I featured many podcasts in the last issue of E2mag but I promise you would do well to include this one. Check it out right here.

Necker Island – Richard Branson : Certainly I would be one of many many entrepreneurs that holds Richard Branson in very high esteem and most consider him to be really the ultimate entrepreneur, adventurer and philanthropist. Now imagine back in the day, when he was building virgin records and chasing his future wife, he decided to buy an island. After a year he eventually got necker in the BVI’s for 120k. Actually Joe Polish has mastermind sessions on Necker with Richard and small groups but primarily the island is for friends and families and it looks like a stunning place to hang out. Now of course buying an island is no small feat and probably not in the cards for many of us…but if you’d like to get a glimpse of this, you can watch this 6 min video of Necker Island here.

#hashtags: So you are familiar with #hashtags which are a big part of the twitter experience. But did you know that Facebook and Vine recently announced their embrace of #hashtags. Kim Garst shows you here 5 reasons you might want use on Facebook.

And buffer has some great insight into #hashtags too. Here is what they have to say.

Facebook: Speaking of Facebook, last week I was on a webinar with Amy Porterfield and she was explaining how to go about running a Facebook marketing campaign that included very targeted ad’s. Now the momentum on this has been building and is a lot cheaper than PPC with Google adwords. Amy is really becoming know as one of the top experts regarding Facebook and if you haven’t been exposed to her I would recommend checking her site here.

hey in fact if you wanted to check out that webinar, I see another notable Michael Hyatt is having Amy present the same facebook marketing plan tonight…short notice but here’s the link to sign up if you’re so inclined.

Ok thanks for reading and enjoy the rest of your week.

Live your best life now!
Cheers, Brent



Content through stories and video

Anti-hump-day newsletter – delayed!

Happy Thursday! Just got too busy yesterday and that can happen when you spend time with your accountant. But it’s all good and taxes will be filed on time by the end of the month…although the CRA did extend the deadline 5 days because of the heartbleed bug and apparently the RCMP have picked up a 19 year old computer science kid and he may be charged with stealing 900 peoples SIN numbers.

If you live in the US hopefully you got your taxes filed on Tuesday. I know I always find it a relief. Like many entrepreneurs, I find accounting an necessary evil.

Content : Here’s an article from Pam Hendrickson who used to work for Tony Robbins and knows a thing or two about content and product creation.

It’s Science: Your Customers’ Brains Are Wired for Storytelling

Ever wonder why people tear up at the end of a Hallmark commercial? Why you smile when you hear a baby laugh? Why people are so devoted to their iPhones?

The Power of Storytelling

There’s a neurological connection between all three, but two of these are connected to a strategy at the forefront of content marketing: storytelling.

First, the behind-the-scenes psychology. (I was a psych major, after all!) Whenever we’re listening to a story told with emotion, we feel that same emotion because of what neurologists call “mirror neurons”—brain cells that fire whenever we find ourselves doing or experiencing the same thing as someone else, and vice versa. So when you—or someone more emotional than you—cries at a Hallmark commercial or smiles at the sound of a baby’s laugh, their mirror neutrons are firing away. They are “mirroring” that emotion.

Content marketers have leveraged this research and crafted an effective strategy out of it. Going above and beyond the more utilitarian elements of traditional content marketing—blogs, tweets, webinars, Facebook posts, etc. (which, don’t get me wrong, are essential to any good content marketing strategy)—storytelling is about connecting with your audience on an emotional level. It’s about creating a certain feeling around your brand, products, and services that will establish an emotional bond between your customers and your business, ultimately leading to the coveted holy ground of marketing strategy: brand loyalty.

Two examples of this in action:

    1. Coca-Cola has also jumped on the bandwagon with their Content 2020 project, which is a content marketing strategy focused producing content that engages their audience by spreading happiness.

2. Cisco’s documentary series, The Network Effect, connects technology with the emotional       connection within networks of people. Although this is subtly related to the Cisco             product, it has nothing to do with selling computers and routers. Instead, it focuses on stirring emotion within the audience.

I personally love to insert my own personal stories about interacting with customers, being with my family, whatever connects the reader to the content in way to make them feelThe power is in those personal details, which makes facts, figures, information come alive. Now, this takes a certain level of vulnerability and openness, which I think is crucial to truly connecting with your core customers

New ipad app Knovio: Just saw this yesterday but it looks fantastic. It’s an app that allows you to upload a powerpoint presentation and quickly add audio to it or both audio and a head shot of yourself in the corner so you can narrate as you click thru your slides producing a power packed video. Check it out here.

Better Iphone battery life: I guess I’m obsessed with getting better battery life as I’ve posted before. Turns out your facebook app is a major contributor…who knew? Scott Loveless, an ex-Apple guy, found that the Facebook app will if allowed constantly use Apple’s location services and background app refresh – a feature that keeps apps up to date by periodically polling the internet for new data such as tweets or Facebook posts. You can go into general settings…scroll down to background app refresh and turn this off. I also only leave location services on for a few key apps…they will track your every move if you let them. If you want the official Apple site for extending battery life here it is.

Google domination: So we all know Google as the search giant and Android platform king. But what’s with all these robots and drones that they are investing billions in. Mitch Joel is the president of Twist Image in Montreal and he has a regular blog, podcast, radio show and knows plenty about marketing and communications. He also writes for Strategy and he’s got some interesting insight into where Google is headed with this. I mean along with Facebook, these companies are obsessed with extending their reach to the connected world. It’s going to get pretty wild methinks. Here is the article.

Stress, anxiety, overload: In this months issue of E2mag there is a podcast that Natalie Sisson did with our cover feature Chris Ducker and they discussed a couple of times that Chris has experienced burnout and what he’s done about it. Our friend Tim Ferris has an interesting post on his blog along the same lines but not about him…it’s about a fellow that used to work for him named Charlie Hoehn. Charlie worked for Tim for about 3 years and was really burning the midnight oil. It’s not an uncommon tail for entrepreneurs and particularly in startups. I think it’s worth looking at even if you feel fairly in control. There are some warning signs that everyone should be aware of and as always, it’s good to learn from others experiences. See the article right here.

So please have a great week and weekend. And many will be enjoying easter and I’m hoping the weather warms up and the rain stays away in our little neck of the woods for the kiddies easter parade.

Live your best life now!
Cheers, Brent

how much time do you spend on facebook? and other anti-hump-day musings

Happy Hump Day. A good part of the colder climes in North America are finally shaking off the winter and spring is in the air.

Facebook – it’s an interesting thing this Facebook and because I don’t spend that much time myself on it, I’m not sure I’ve thought about how it effects my mood. But the article I’m about to send you to has some very interesting thoughts about how your mood could be changed and how productivity could be affected beyond the actual time you were on the site. Check it out here.

Gamers – the gaming crowd is having a major effect on all businesses as they have an insatiable appetite for choice and flexibility. Here’s an interesting thought about 3 things every business can learn from these gamers expectations.

Meditation – I think Leo Babauta is fantastic and he’s a good guy to listen to on a regular basis. He thinks taking 2 minutes out of your day to meditate can be the most important 120 seconds of your life. I’ve proposed the 60 second meditation through as well but here’s Leo’s thoughts on why this may help you stay calm and create space in your life.

Taxes in Canada – hey if you are getting ready to file your taxes in Canada and usually do it online the CRA just put the kibosh on it due to a security breach. Read about it here

Chromecast – I actually just bought the new Chromecast…well new to Canada…it’s been in the states for awhile now. It’s fantastic. Plugs into your Tv and you can send movies, videos whatever from you phone or tablet and watch them on your screen…and if you have netflix of course its great for that. check it out I ordered on Amazon…easy peasy.

Hey have a great week!
Live your best life now!
Cheers, Brent


Hey there…happy Wednesday.

Hope you are having a good week…me slightly under the weather but recovering fast.


  • Promotion: obviously part of running a business is doing marketing and promotion for your product or service. Now we know this can be done in many ways. Of course using social media and social selling is something more and more businesses are doing and should be doing. But when, how often, what days, what time of day…there are average stats on all of this. But are you looking at your own stats.
  • Now that I’ve had several months since E2mag launched, I’m starting to get some stats and here’s one that’s emerged. Highest subscriber rates have been occuring on Saturdays. Hmmm…now I always do some social promotion during the week and on Fridays around 5-6 pm but I’ve always avoided the weekend. Based on these results I’m going to promote during the weekend now.
  • Here’s a quick video in the same vain from Gary Vaynerchuck. And of course he doesn’t use the word promote and prefers the phrase creating value, and yet his examples are advertisements. He talks about how everyone ramps up their promo’s during busy, event based and seasonal periods and wonders if we shouldn’t be targeting less crowded periods. You can see Gary’s rant here. on his youtube channel.
  • Social Media: So the big Social media marketing world conference is starting today in San Diego. Would be a great place to visit this time of year and I would think the conference would be amazing to attend. They have a power-packed line up of speakers and the networking would be fun. In the meantime, the folks that put on that event also have a list of 39 experts giving you various tips on social strategies and you can also check out what’s going on at the conference. Check out Social Media Examine
  • Spring: Ancient secrets to a happy spring…8 things you can do to embrace the changing of the seasons by Jen Micomendes over at Mind Body Green
  • Quotes: here’s some inspirational quotes to ponder.

1. “The most pernicious aspect of procrastination is that it can become a habit. We don’t just put off our lives today: we put them off till our deathbed.” ~ Steven Pressfield

2. “Each problem has hidden in it an opportunity so powerful that it literally dwarfs the problem. The greatest success stories were created by people who recognized a problem and turned it into an opportunity.” ~ Joseph Sugarman

3. “Rationalization is a process not of perceiving reality, but of attempting to make reality fit one’s emotions.” ~ Ayn Rand

4. “When we focus on perfection, we will be forever frustrated. When we focus on progress, we feel invigorated.” ~ Jeff Shore

5. “Nothing stops the man who desires to achieve. Every obstacle is simply a course to develop his achievement muscle. It’s a strengthening of his powers of accomplishment.” ~ Thomas Carlyle

6. “The world turns on our every action, and our every omission, whether we know it or not.” ~ Abraham Verghese

7. “The secret of living a life of excellence is merely a matter of thinking thoughts of excellence. Really, it’s a matter of programming our minds with the kind of information that will set us free.” ~ Charles R. Swindoll

8. “Nothing can stop the man with the right mental attitude from achieving his goal; nothing on earth can help the man with the wrong mental attitude.” ~ Thomas Jefferson

Keep up the good work this week.
Live your best life now.
Cheers, Brent


That time again. Happy Wednesday!

st paddys

How’s your week going? Recovered from St Paddy’s day I trust.

  • Do you use video? new research shows that 73% of people are more likely to buy after watching a video for product or services. That’s pretty impressive. And of course youtube is the 2nd highest search engine after google by a long shot and climbing. people are searching and learning via youtube. Check out the full article here
  • Retail Big Show: The big show where all the top retailers gather was held recently and they always have some interesting keynotes about where things are heading. Ginni Rometty is the top dog at IBM and gave a presentation on how big data, the cloud and cognitive type systems will shape the future and how engagement will change with consumers. It will take about 25 mins to watch but I found it quite interesting…also she highlighted how Northface is taking engagment via their website to the next level. See the video here.
  • Distracted?: I know I’m constantly challenged by it so love to review ways of getting more focused. Read here to find out 27 ways to get more shit done!
  • The Third metric: this is something Arianna Huffington over at huffpost is promoting these days. It’s a whole section on her website and there’s a book and a tour. Seems she got injured from lack of sleep and pushing herself and had a calling to shake the trees so other people either don’t fall or need to get themselves out of the same circumstance. If you have trouble sleeping sometimes ( and who doesn’t ) there’s a section on sleep there too. Check it out.
  • Presentations: I’ve just been starting to look at stuff on slideshare and I believe it is a hugely under-rated resource. I’ve found one here that not only highlights some new technology (Slidedocs) to give you presentations more punch, but Nancy Duarte and company have illustrated how to structure with a guide that is 177 slides…serious content from people that do this for a living for major fortune 500 companies. If you are tired of the same old powerpoints try this.

Have an awesome rest of the week.
Live your best life now!
Cheers, Brent

anti-hump-day newsletter

Happy Wednesday!


Well trying to be happy. Given there is a blizzard outside my door. And just yesterday it was +8, sunny, washed the car and went for a nice jaunt on the boardwalk. What the hell happened? How’s your day?

  • Bitcoin – Is it a currency? : I don’t know about you but I continue to have a hard time getting my head around this whole bitcoin thing. I know it was a topic of discussion at the SXSW conference in Austin. Love to go to that one day. Anyway here’s some very recent thoughts about Bitcoin from the folks at Goldman Sachs.
  • Tom’s – now into coffee! : Blake MyCoskie is back at the helm at Tom’s. And they are expanding into coffee. Of course like the shoes there has to be a one-for-one offer right? I like this thought from his COO. “When we think about product, we don’t think, ‘What can we make and sell,'” COO Joe Scirocco told the outlet. “We think, ‘What does the world need, and how can we address it with a commercial endeavor?'” Check out the article here.
  • WWW – is 25 years old! : hard to believe…it’s just incredible what’s transpired over that time frame. What’s scarier but exciting is how much more quickly things change/advance and it truly is a Wild Wild Web. Here’s a quick recap of some of the various key turning points starting back in 1989
  • Linkedin – How to tell your professional story : I know many people including myself for the longest time, thought of Linkedin as a place to essentially put a condensed resume on. And if you weren’t really looking for a job it wasn’t really that important. Times have changed. Linkedin is probably one of the first places people go if they are interested in you or your company and Google ranks it very high in the search world. Here’s some interesting thoughts from Sam Ford of Peppercomm that may give you some idea’s about your approach to your profile
  • Mobile Commerce – Apple vs Google: As an entrepreneur and a business owner you must be paying attention to mobile. Given that Android has about 80% of the mobile device market you might think Apple is way behind them. Think again. Apple has 60% of the mobile commerce action on phones and 87% on tablets and Apple owners spend more too. See the full story here and take note.

Thanks for reading…enjoy the rest of the week.
Live your best life now!
Cheers, Brent

Anti-hump-day Newsletter


Happy Wednesday Empowered Entrepreneurs!

Now that the Olypmics are over, ( yeah – two gold hockey medals for Canada ) among all the others, and March coming at weeks end I find myself kinda looking forward to spring. How about you?

Working on the next issue of E2 mag and the cover will be Chris Ducker who is an outsourcing guru. The interview will give us the keys to outsourcing and using virtual assistants to help you with tasks someone else can do while you work on your business and not in it.

  • Many successful people credit some advice they received along the way for helping them get their results. Here’s 45 of those little nuggets from the Business Insider
  • Tesla – I fancy myself as a bit of a car guy but this also is an amazing business story in a very competitive category…automobiles. It’s about Tesla Motors. Elon Musk has magic fingers and has recently overcome concerns about battery issues and all sorts of things to create a small eco car company that’s already worth half of General Motors. I would like to own one someday… check out the Tesla story
  • Podcasting – has been growing leaps and bounds over the last couple of years. I almost always listen to a podcast when I am commuting in my car vs either listening to sports talk babble or music. You may want to consider for your business. Michael Stelzner of the Social Media Examiner has his own podcast and takes a look at this hot trend.
  • Fitness Tracker – I’ve been wanting to get one of these fitness bands and here’s another new entry from Samsung. Nike, Jawbone, Fitbit all keep improving their models and it’s one of those things where you feel the minute you buy one – a better cheaper one will be available next week. Check it out here.
  • Happy – Who doesn’t want to be happy. The great Jim Rohn said happiness is not something you postpone for the future; it’s something you design for the present. here’s an infographic that has some interesting stats about happiness.

On that note, have a happy and productive week!
Live your best life now!
Cheers, Brent

E2 anti-hump-day newsletter is out

Well the first newsletter has been launched to keep entrepreneurs empowered in-between issues. the newsletter will come out on Wednesdays.

It’s called the anti-hump-day newsletter because entrepreneurs don’t view Wednesdays as a hump day. For most entrepreneurs I know there are never enough hours in the day let alone the week. Hump days are for those folks that see the weekend coming and can’t get there fast enough. E2 folks take time to evaluate what they’ve accomplished so far and then work on prioritizing activities to get maximum results by weeks end. And, it’s likely there will be some work done on the weekend but is it really work when you are living your passion?

Here’s the link to the newsletter.

Cheers, Brent