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anti-hump-day wednesday

Finally some sun and a temperate above freezing in the Tdot today…first time in months.

Some interesting musings and fun facts on this anti-hump-day Wednesday.



Facebook – hard not hear about, think about, use facebook almost everyday isn’t it? Well a fact that gets overlooked by a lot of companies, is that pictures and creative storytelling is a great way to increase your engagement in your posts.
Check out how some companies are doing it.

Awesomeness Fest – this event is put on by Vishen and the Mind Valley group. I profiled this in the Feb E2 mag issue but here is a recent video which gives a better idea about the event…this one is definitely on my list at some point…it’s runs in the same company as World Domination Summit which is always in Portland vs exotic locals…but I love Portland and the vibe about the event is the same. Check it out and see if Awesomeness Fest might be for you!

Stressed? – hmmmm I was talking to my sister on the weekend and she was feeling stressed and that her blood pressure might be up. We determined part of the reason was that with all the snow and generally bad driving conditions, that the drive back and forth from work was taking it’s toll on her. Being on the freeways with the transport trucks and all the loonies out there that don’t reduce their speed ( in such a hurry ) was creating undue stress for her. I’m sure we all feel a little more stress in the winter, the short days, less/no sun, less fresh air etc etc. Did you know that there are actually foods that help combat stress a bit…and I think you’ll be pleasantly surprised to hear that things like dark choc, almonds, sweet potatoes, honey and green veggies all head the list. Read more here.

And don’t forget to get enough sleep!

Ipad – Iphone – if you are an Apple fan and have these devices I’m sure you love them…I sure do but are you always heading for your charger? Well there are some things you can do to slow things down…a bunch. Like turning off the push so your devices are not constantly trying to download email. Change it to fetch every 15 mins or 30 mins…plus if you must just by touching the mail icon it will download any new mail. Also, turning off location, not sending all your browsing info to apple, dimming the screen, getting rid of apps which will run in the background unless you close them. Some simple steps will dramatically change your battery life…I am now getting through 2 days before charging vs everyday…big improvement here.

Content – traffic – well can’t we all use more tips about producing content and maximizing our traffic. Neil Patel of quickspout and crazyegg and kissmetrics has pretty much the best site and resources (free) that I’ve come across. Check out his tips here. This is one of those sites you could easily spend hours and hours on. Please bookmark it.

Other Olympics – well given the Olympics are in full second week swing there are lots of people out there getting there own winter kicks with some outdoor sports. This vid is about 6 mins long but there is some incredible footage. While the producers seem to have some ladies in bikinis in some of their other vids, no one will be offended with this particular video and it just goes to show that even those that don’t do it for a living can do some pretty incredible moves on ski’s, snowboards, wakeboards, snowmobiles…you name it.

Cheers, have a great week, and live you best life now!



Resource issue for Entrepreneurs is live

The Feb/March issue is available on the newsstand and is choc full of links to some of the best people and resources to help you build your business. There’s over 100 links to the people and content that will get you thinking about how to maximize your results. Sure there will be things you already knew about, but I’m sure you’ll find a few nuggets in there. Maybe a book you will want to read. A new podcast to listen to. A new email list to opt-in to. Maybe you will start to think about using video in your marketing. Truly we are all publishers and can be broadcasters now. Certainly videos are on my list to add to my offerings here at E2mag and I’m looking forward to getting that started.

Enjoy this issue!  If you haven’t subscribed get a free trial click here

Are New Years Resolutions BS?


So people have been making New Years resolutions for decades. How’s that been working for them? One word, TERRIBLE!

The number of folks that are actually able to start, implement and see through whatever resolutions they made at the start of the year is 8%. And a sincere congratulations to you if you are one of those 8%.

What happened to the other 92%. They failed. They gave up. They went back to status quo. They returned to their comfort zone. They weren’t really committed. That sucks!

What’s the excuse? Life got in the way? My intentions were good but? It was too hard? I’ll try again when the timing is better.

Let’s face it, this is a repeatable pattern that needs a new approach. It’s something that is required in all you do in business and life. And for the same reasons that some fail in their efforts to realize their general goals in life, having the intention or a resolution isn’t enough.

There are a number of leaders who are proposing a better way. It’s about creating rituals and habits in order to make the kind of changes you’d like to make. Robin Sharma who was featured in December issue of E2mag has been promoting this for a long time. And the other day I saw a video from Jeff Walker that if you have 5 minutes go take a look. Jeff is an unbelievable guy, very authentic and knows a thing or two about creating and getting things done and wrote the book about product launches. You’ll thank me for introducing you to him.

Since trying to get more exercise is one of the all-time favorite resolutions let’s examine why so many people fail.

Sure they start out with great intentions. in fact I see them all out there already in the two gyms I belong too. And on one hand I give them credit because they are making an effort: even though it’s now a little more inconvenient for me because it’s more crowded. But it won’t last and by the end of the month things will be back to normal. Why?, because it’s willy nilly. They won’t commit to a time. Life will get in the way. They will get a cold, or one of the kids will ( you can workout at home ).

Make a time..stick to it…if you have to bail re-schedule.
If you are a morning person do it then. It really sets up your day and it’s done.
Of course it would be nicer to stay in bed. But when you get there you are happy.
If you are not a morning person then do lunch, afternoon or evening…pick a time that will let you win.
Just get started…maybe a gym is not for you…maybe yoga…or simply start walking.
Maybe you need a push or a little help…check out nerd fitness
Can you work out with a buddy which helps commit to a time?
Do you need some instruction…book a personal trainer = help, plus again a commitment.
Lot’s of ways to create a routine.

Make it a habit. Make it a ritual. Incorporate it into your lifestyle. Enjoy it!

How many ways could we all make significant positive changes in our lives with this approach. Wouldn’t it be great if people stopped saying ” I’m not making any new years resolutions this year because I never keep them”.

Happy New Year