Do Negative Ad’s work?

A Clothing Company Discourages Customers from Buying it’s Stuff – and Business is Booming!



Patagonia is a great brand and it’s philosophy is refreshing. It shuns the current trend of fast fashion embraced by some consumers and the likes of H&M and Forever 21.

“A generation of consumers has grown up wearing what is often referred to as ‘fast fashion’ — trendy, inexpensive versions of runway looks that shoppers wear for one season, or one occasion, and often toss,” according to the WSJ. “Now, many of these shoppers are graduating to a philosophy of quality not quantity.”

“We design and sell things made to last and be useful. But we ask our customers not to buy from us what you don’t need or can’t really use. Everything we make–everything anyone makes–costs the planet more than it gives back,” the company told Fast Company.

The “socially and environmentally conscious practices” have helped profits triple since 2008. This strategy appears to cater to it’s outdoor active tribe that not only loves their product but their operating principles.

Five Visual Design Trends to Inspire You

The folks over at marketing profs have some interesting thoughts on design trends.

1. Photo’s – real life imagery
2. Video – motion graphics
3. Illustration – flat design
4. Colour – soft pastels and Pantones colour of the year
5. Typography – textured fonts

See the complete article here.

Amazon just dropped the price of it’s smartphone to .99 cents

Instead of $199.00 the Firefly phone is now available at .99 with a 2 year contract. The results of the initial launch were disappointing. So Jeff Bezos in his usual fashion said we just need to get this phone in peoples hands ( at a huge loss/investment ) and then we’ll make it up in sooooo many ways.

Here’s a list of what is on offer:

Dynamic Perspective, Firefly, world-class customer support with Mayday, free unlimited cloud storage for photos, 32GB of storage—and, for a limited time, customers get 12 months of Prime membership with Fire phone, which includes unlimited streaming of tens of thousands of movies and TV episodes from Prime Instant Video, access to over a million songs to download or stream from Prime Music, over 500,000 books to borrow from Kindle Owners’ Lending Library and free two-day shipping on tens of millions of items.

You must admit watching Amazon, Google, Samsung, Apple and Facebook battle it out in mobile is really interesting.

Speaking of Facebook – Video is booming

Facebook was the primary vehicle for spreading the recent ALS Ice Bucket Challenge, most of which was the sharing of folks vidoe’s of them dousing themselves and then challenging their friends.

Beyonce recently posted vids on both FB and Youtube and the share results via FB totally dwarfed youtube. Now youtube is still king but FB is coming on strong, just as they are challenging Google on advertising.

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