Google Docs and a couple other great tools


Google Docs

I am always amazed when I come across some new ( and especially free ) tools that can help me in my business. Maybe these will be new for you as well.

I have google apps for business and love how I can co-ordinate all my emails and calenders across all my devices. But I haven’t really explored google docs.

There are tons of forms, templates (like for invoicing) and I just found out you can have multiple calendars…so if you wanted to set up say a content calendar that you could share with someone but you didn’t want them to see your personal schedule calendar, well that’s easy.  Check it out here


Now this is a cool tool. You just type in a topic or keyword on some content or if you are looking for top videos or infographics on a subject or market…boom…you get the listings with highest views, shares etc.  Try it out and bookmark it.


Finding images that you can use for blog posts…to make picture quotes or for any illustrations is always a challenge. Sure there’s lots of sites where you can buy images. Again free is good. For good free images check out Pixabay.

It’s great to find tools that just make life easier and affordable.