Gratitude – what a gift, are you seeing the benefits?


This is a photo I took from my deck the other morning. It’s so cool that I have figured out how to make my own picture quotes. You can do it in powerpoint or keynote easily.

Happy Thursday! I know, I missed my post yesterday. No excuses but it was a different day that I spent more on reflection and remembering a good friend of mine who passed away last week. His funeral and then celebration was yesterday.

Dougie passed suddenly last week while playing volleyball. Obviously it was a shock. Only days before we had played, BBQ’d and thrown sticks in the water for his black lab Romeo.

It’s a tremendous loss for his family, friends and all who met him. There were 100’s at the church yesterday…this was a man that was truly loved. And certainly a huge reason for that was his positive attitude, the way he treated people and the way you felt good when you were around him. It was a wonderful service and then a celebration of his life was held after at the balmy beach club overlooking the lake and volleyball courts where he loved to be. Our mutual friend Brett had some great words and insight into Dougie for the guests at the Balmy and those who spoke at the church were very good too.

I felt sadness yesterday but also gratitude for having known Dougie. It reminds you to make sure you express your gratitude to the people you know and love.

On that note, for this post I thought I would pen the article I just wrote on gratitude and if you are a subscriber to E2mag you will see it in the June issue in just a few days.

Gratitude – I think it’s something a lot of us might take for granted.

I’m sure most of us consider ourselves to be grateful and try to express gratitude. Certainly by recognizing, acknowledging and saying thank you to people, we can make everyone’s life more enjoyable.

I’ll never forget the training video I saw at a company conference of about 1200 people. It was in a retail setting and it was about customer service. A customer was approaching the cashier with her basket of goods and you could see the cashier was not in a great mood. The customer put the merchandise up and the cashier went about her business ringing in the sale without so much as eye contact, smile, or even a greeting. The transaction was then completed. Still no word from the cashier. As the customer left she said to the cashier – don’t I get a thank you? The cashier deadpanned her and said “ It’s on your receipt!”

Ha…you can imagine the gasp from the audience. You’ve got to be kidding. No, not really. Happens everyday. Maybe not that exact example, but you get the picture.

So that was an external gratitude illustration. What about the internal? This is where it gets interesting. Your internal sense of things you are grateful for. These can be applied to the past, present and future and have a HUGE effect on your happiness quotient.

There’s lots of experts out there on this subject and believe me I’m not one. But because of my yoga, and meditation and maybe just being more aware, I have actually made it a point to think more about gratitude and have created a journal for it. I like keeping journals, making lists, mindmaps etc, so this wasn’t a stretch. It forces you to spend some time thinking, and by writing it down I find it resonates.

Listen, a quick google search will produce a laundry list of the benefits…happier, sleep better, build better relationships, be more positive and optimistic, less envious, have better energy, deal with adversity and so on.

Hey there’s cool app out there developed by The Strategic Coach and it’s called Win Streak It’s for recording your wins each day and even predicting the ones for the next day as well. Recognizing your accomplishments is another great way to keep positive.

Here’s to your happiness!

Cheers, and live your best life now,