How Successful People Think

Brendon Burchard – has been around for a number of years but he’s just been killing it the last 2 years. He’s published a number of NY Times best sellers, he’s the ultimate online marketer who’s launched plenty of multi-million dollar info-product launches, and his events rival those of the great Tony Robbins.

He has a rare gift of being completely positive, upbeat, motivational and his delivery is fantastic. So he’s great for personal development. But he’s also a master marketer…he’s spending big big bucks on Facebook these days…in fact he says it’s so good he says you should be spending 1000.00 a day if you have a great product or service.

Here’s some advice he has on how incredibly successful people think…it’s 6 1/2 minutes

Brendon uses video in an amazing way. He teaches from his offices and uses kind of an old fashioned style that I personally still like, which is a whiteboard. He’s got a variety of programs and while I’ve never invested in any of his programs, the notes I have from his free trainings are tremendous. Better than other peoples paid trainings.

You can check him out at his website.┬áThis will also lead you to his youtube channel, his books, his various programs, his podcast (very recent). I use a one page productivity planner I downloaded from his high performance academy…you should check it out.