Is Pinterest the next REALLY BIG deal?


Pinterest for business

I must admit – I love Pinterest. I even have a few boards myself and I love looking at other people’s boards too. Certainly for visual it’s fantastic, but as a social media platform it seemed to be kind of niche and maybe several pegs down in the order of where most businesses might want to concentrate their SM efforts.

Times are changing! check out these stats for Pinterest

  • 70 million users and growing quickly
  • 5 billion dollar valuation, 200 mil recently acquired for international expansion
  • women make up 80% of users and they have created 750 million boards

Don’t women also control about 80% of household spending? ¬†hmmmmmmmm.

There’s a great article over on Forbes by Jeff Bercovici and he makes a pretty good argument that It won’t be long before advertisers will be flocking to Pinterest. There’s some serious testing going on right now.

If FB is about the past, Twitter is about the present, it seems Pinterest is about the future, and what peoples aspirations are all about. That’s a very compelling concept for marketers.

Check out the article here.

Oh and here’s a follow up article on Pinterest Marketing you might like.


Doesn’t really matter what size your business is, there’s a good chance you’ve got some millennials either working for you or you’re looking for some to hire.

Do you really know what motivates them? Can you offer them the kind of things they are looking for in a company they would like to work for?

The Young Entrepreneur Council penned an article recently in Inc. mag and it focuses on the four area’s that are key to how millennials evaluate your company.

It’s all about transparency, structure, managing expectations and fostering creativity. You can see what it’s about here.

Don’t get too comfortable


Kevin Harrington made an interesting observation in the Business Insider about a tried and true saying:

If you always do what you’ve always done, you’ll always get what you’ve always got.

He used the Tonight Show as an example and how Jay Leno got a little too comfortable and how Jimmy Fallon swooped in.

He also talks about how he’s changed his ways on spending for social media…preferirng now to spend a few dollars on millions of channels vs spending millions of dollars on a few. ( his infomercials )

See what he says here.