Marketing tips from the ALS Ice Bucket Challenge


Certainly the ALS ice bucket challenge has been one of the most viral campaigns to happen in some time and the power of social media has again shown it’s strength. But there are a number of factors that were in play here and for marketers it’s worth a quick review.

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If you are familiar with Tony Robins, you have also probably heard his theory on the 6 human needs. According to Robbins all of our actions are motivated by the following 6 human needs: Certainty, Uncertainty/Variety/Excitement, Significance, Love/Connection, Growth, and Contribution.

The ICE bucket challenge managed in one swoop to fulfill 4 of these needs that we are constantly seeking to fulfill.

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So we all know that Netflix has become hugely popular. You are able to stream from pretty much all your devices and if you have chromcast and other tools well you can see it on your TV too. Pretty good deal for 9.99 month…and people have been cancelling the very expensive cable packages that you have to buy in bundles even thou you’ll never watch half the channels.

For example I like the golf channel so I need a package for that. And then there’s a few shows like Dexter, True Detective and Ray Donovan…so I need the VIP channel for that.

Well two of the big 3 cable/telecoms (Rogers and Shaw) here in Canada just announced they are coming out with Shomi which is a Netflix knock-off. As much as I dislike these behemoths and their monopolies, strategies and poor customer service; I must give them credit for not standing pat. If people want movies on their tablet then lets give it to them or someone else will and has!

Hopefully better choice of more specific cable packages isn’t too far off either.

Are there things on the horizon, threats to your business you should be thinking about?

Hyperlapse from Instagram

I haven’t personally started using Instagram yet but many have. My 12 year old nephew and his friends are all over it and of course teens and the whole entertainment business is as well.

I also thought it was more about using for pictures but video is the big deal ( like it is everywhere now ). So instagram has now developed an app for IOS devices (Apple) that steadies the video for you especially for action and moving shots.

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