E2 logo with newsletter

In addition to providing the bi-monthly E2 mag on itunes it seemed like a good idea to supplement that with a weekly free newsletter.

It will be delivered to your inbox every Wednesday. I’m calling it the anti-hump-day newsletter. I’m sure you can guess why, but suffice to say by Wednesday afternoon most entrepreneurs I know are thinking the week is starting to slip by vs the thought there is only 2 more days to the weekend and some sort of freedom.

As with the mag, I will try and bring you valuable information and insights to help you in your business and life. Resources, stories, people, technology, mind-body-soul stuff you can use or ignore as you see fit.

Currently I haven’t offered bait/freebies whatever to encourage you to sign up. But there will be lots of that. It’s really about joining this E2 tribe that is motivated to keep learning and investing in ourselves.

Join us…come along for the ride…let’s make it a great one. Sign up it the box directly to your right.

Cheers, Brent