Super Success and Trifecta for Rapid Biz growth


Happy anti-hump-day!

So we are late May and in North America right in-between Canadians just coming off our Victoria Day long weekend…and our American friends are gearing up for their Memorial day weekend! Not sure what holidays are happening around the rest of the world but it’s surely supposed to be the start of summer for a lot of us.

Ha, I’ve got my fireplace on…WTF? Well it’s off now but the heat is turned off and it was cool last night and needed to warm the joint up…actually supposed to be 21C or 72F today but it’s just been a strange year for weather.

Todays post is going to be a brief review of 2 webinars I was on yesterday. Late afternoon I was with Darren Hardy who is the publisher of Success Magazine and then later in the evening it was Joe Polish from his Genius Network. Here’s the highlights!

Super Success – Darren Hardy

As with most webinars, I know there is a sales pitch coming at the end. That’s ok…sometimes I even invest if it’s something I’m interested in. But the main thing is these days, if you know the right people who are presenting, you can get a ton of value.

Darren Hardy has interviewed for his magazine the best of the best when it comes to entrepreneurs who have really had success and they all have some of the same characteristics that help get them results in business and in life. So I thought this would be cool and it was. So Darren had audio clips of all the usual suspects like Richard Branson, Warren Buffet, The Donald, Gates, Dr Oz, TonyRobbins, Michael Jordon, Tiger Woods and so on.

Here are the 6 ways you can also achieve super success.

1. Think Big – it’s just as easy to think big, act big and be big as it is to think small…really

2. People – that’s your differentiator…picking the right partners, building a team around your deficits, maximizing your strengths and multiplying success.

3. Hardwork – there’s no real substitute for it and Gary Player said it best…the harder I work the luckier I get.

4. Focus – avoiding distraction, saying no and having lazer focus on the best way to spend your time and generate results.

5. Failure – it happens…learn from it, accept risk, see adversity as a challenge and start again or change course.

6. Growth – there is always room to improve, forget complacency, invest in yourself and maximize your talent.

Darren went on to say that he thought the number one threat to peoples future today was distraction. Apparently there’s even a new word for it: Digiphenia – digitally induced overwhelm. We must all learn how to control our attention.

So it’s really all about insane focus…are you up for it?

genius network


Trifecta for Rapid Business Growth – Joe Polish

Well Joe was doing a pitch for his Genius Network event which is coming up in August in California. It’s all about networking with multimillionaires who have all been successful but are looking to take their business and lifestyle to another level.

It’s no small ticket…the price to the event is 10k and then you have your airfare, hotel (500 night) and food etc…so it’s obviously an investment. Many of the folks attending and presenting are in the Genius Network and that investment is 25k. You might notice that I am not using the word costs when referirng to amounts of money to participate. If you thought about it that way you’d never spend the money.

Joe guarantees that you will get a minimum of 250k of value and ideas or he will refund you the fee. Here is the basis of his pitch – he says there are 3 things you must have to create rapid growth.

1. Successful Network Diversity – you need to surround yourself with like-minded people but with different experiences,capabilities and from different industries. It’s the ultimate mastermind and if you want to see who’s in the genius network go here.

2. Absolutely killer Auto-pilot marketing – you must be able to have a conversation, educate your customers and prospects and engage them with a system that is always on!

3. You need clever tactics to can and clone yourself – This is how you spread your message…you can’t do it alone and you have to incorporate the multiplier effect.

Part of the two-day event there are 20 x 10 minute presentations from group members and they just talk about a strategy/tactic that generates the 250k or more for them. I’ve watched a few of these from past events…it’s pretty amazing. I plan on going…soooon!

Have a great week and Live your Best Life now!

Cheers, Brent