Think and Grow Rich…and my mind map!

think and grow rich


The June issue of E2mag of course is live and because it was the mastermind issue I hauled out my Think and Grow Rich book by Napoleon Hill to reference and utilize a few quotes.

Now I pretty much just looked at chapter 10 on masterminds and then put the book aside as I was busy finalizing the publication. But since the book was out I decided to to skim through it again over lunch. It’s the type of book you can go back to over and over again because all the lessons are so good.

When I read a book in my hand or electronically I am a ferocious highlighter of things that resonate with me. This actual book is quite dog eared.

I thought so many of these highlights are worth noting and I’d like an easier way to reference them. So I thought I would make a mindmap. I downloaded ithoughts the other day to my ipad…the app is like 2.99 ┬áIt’s really easy to work with and I haven’t got it completely figured out but enough to create a map. Here’s what it looks like:

think and grow rich


This is actually a PGN image. you can also save it as a word doc, a PDF and all sorts of other formats…I opened it in ibooks…I’m just thrilled to have discovered this.

There are so many applications for this in my consulting business where I can create the mindmap as a discussion point vs creating a powerpoint, or drop it into a powerpoint or keynote. Ya I probably could have changed the colors but it was really just an exercise and I’m just learning. Another lesson I’ve been learning…just do it …80% is better than 100% never done!!!! it doesn’t have to be perfect.

Check out the content of the mind map…I love this book…and if you haven’t already you might want to give mindmapping a try.

Cheers, Brent