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I was at an event last night called donate and learn. It was from 5-8:30 pm and was time well spent. It was a combination of some scheduled presentations, some networking and raising some funds for a great cause. About 600 people were there.

I was exposed to a new service (at least for me) and I had found a few other great tools to enhance communication and such so todays post is to highlight those. I’m not going to go into any great detail other than to point you to them. Check them out if you are interested.

Easypromosapp : So this was a presentation last night by Brian and this is a service which allows you to engage and get more likes and potential customers on Facebook. You can run contests, do surveys/quiz, issue coupons via QR codes and even run reward type programs. And really cost effective! Go here to see it.

Wishpond: This has some features similar to easypromosapp and I was just reviewing it the other day. They have the additional capability of doing email marketing too. You can check it out here.

Now here’s some cool things to help with your email engagement.

Rapportive: If you use Gmail then you can add rapportive to your browser and instantly see some of the details and social media profiles of the people you are communicating with. Here’s the link.

Getsignals: If you haven’t heard back from someone and wondered if they have read your email, now you can know. Get signals works with Gmail or Outlook and will let you know. Great for timing your follow up… go here

Wisestamp: This is an expanded signiture that you can use with your emails. You can include a photo, all your deets and even your social media links, website etc. It’s all nice and neat. Try it out here.

That’s a wrap for today…hope you’re having a good one on anti-hump-day, make it a great week and enjoy living your best life now!

Cheers, Brent